Why Hire an Expungement Lawyer
If you have been arrested or charged with a crime but are considering whether or not to enter a plea, a defense lawyer may be able to help you. An expungement lawyer is a lawyer who works to seal past criminal records. An expungement process seals a person's criminal record from being able to be considered for employment, housing, credit, and other types of legal services and issues. When a criminal conviction is sealed, it does not remove the actual crime from your record. Instead, it prevents future occurrences from occurring. State law enforcement authorities and judicial officers work under the supervision of the state's Supreme Court. Each county has records of criminal activity that have been sealed. If you would like to learn more about expungement, contact an expungement lawyer. An Indianapolis expungement lawyer can advise you about sealing past criminal records. The government protects the right to a speedy trial and a fair trial. The conviction must be set aside for the charges against you to be dropped. Contact an expungement lawyer right away if you have been charged with a felony or if you believe that your case has been tainted by police misconduct. In many cases, criminal convictions are sealed. However, in other cases, the state court orders a summary sealing of the record. Anyone may view public records, but they are not released. An expungement lawyer who knows the summary sealing procedure can assist you in applying with the court that will have your charges sealed. An expungement lawyer will file a petition for your release with the county clerk. Expungement can be a liberating experience. You can get rid of all charges for crimes that you did not commit. Expungement can even wipe out your entire arrest record. If you have a conviction for any crime, you should consult an expungement lawyer to learn more about the process of expungement and to find out whether the court can wipe out your convictions.