What Does An Expungement Do For Me?
In today's job market, anyone with a criminal record would benefit from having their record expunged. Being concerned that an employer will pass you over because of a mistake you made in the past is a legitimate concern. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to compete with everyone else for a new job opening or a promotion? If you live in Indiana and search for "expungement attorney Indianapolis" you can find a lawyer who can give you a fighting chance for your future.

Why do I Need an Expungement?

Once upon a time, employers didn't do background checks like they do today. Technology has made it so anyone with a computer can see your entire criminal history. There are some corporations that have insurance providers that require them to do background checks on all of their employees. If you have a criminal record and want the same opportunities as everyone else, you need to have your record expunged.

Will an Expungement Help me Get a Job?

Expungement is the process of filing a petition with the sentencing jurisdiction to have the prior guilty plea dismissed or replaced with a not guilty plea. You do need to learn the specific statutes for the expungement laws in your state because not all states are the same. In some states, an expungement won't actually remove your criminal history from view, and they may only allow certain types of offenses to be eligible for expungement. The most important thing to remember is that a person who receives an expungement can legally answer "no" to any prospective employer asking them if they have ever been convicted of a crime. This is not only going to improve the chances that you get a good job, but it's going to give you the confidence to seek out a better life for yourself.